Welcome to Keypunch Press!

We are a family-run design studio smack dab in the middle of Colorado that focuses on a love of our Catholic faith and a love of all things vintage. 

We design and sell Stationery, Clothing, Gifts, & Accessories. Plus, we have an ever-changing vintage market with one-of-a-kind treasures.

When Krissy began the company in 2009, it quickly grew to become a celebrated international wedding stationery business featured in the media as far away as Australia.

She switched gears when her daughters began receiving their sacraments, and there were no cute saint gifts or Catholic sacrament gifts that kids would want. It was the same old-fashioned medals and plaques that her daughters wouldn't like. All the jewelry was lovely, but they would never wear it. 

So she was determined to come up with a solution and one that included her daughter Ella in the company.

Ella is a talented artist and the illustrator of the beautiful saints we use on our products. Keypunch Press wouldn't have such lovely things to sell without her. She has taken overall design and management of our website while Krissy runs our vintage market on Etsy.  

If you are also looking for a unique Catholic gift, we hope you will find something extraordinary here at Keypunch Press.

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