Saint Brigid of Kildare, Feast February 1st.

In 450 AD a beautiful Irish girl named Brigid was born.
Her father, a pagan, thought her beauty was so great that he arranged for her to marry the King of Ulster. Brigid with her immense love of God only wanted to be the bride of Christ and not the bride of a king. She wanted to live her life in a monastery but her father wouldn't hear of it.
She prayed that she would be made ugly so no man would want to marry her. Her prayers were answered when she lost an eye and was finally allowed to enter a monastery. 
One of the first miracles surrounding Brigid happened when professed her vows and took the veil. Her eye spontaneously healed. 
She was a disciple of St. Patrick who kindly forgave her when she fell asleep during his sermons. 
She bravely drove out demons and converted pagans everywhere she went. 
Her famous cross came about while she was evangelizing to a dying pagan chieftain. She wove the cross as she taught him the beauties of Christianity. The chieftain was converted and baptized before he died. 
When she asked the King of Leinster for land to build her religious community, he refused. She asked again but only for as much land as her cape could cover. Thinking this was a joke, he agreed, but when she laid out her tiny cape it covered acres of land. 
The most important thing to know about Saint Brigid is that she was kind, generous, and did everything for her love of God. If we all did the same what a wonderful world this would be. 
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Brigid and Mary be with you